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Meerut PTFE Products Pvt. Ltd.

(Manufacturer & Exporter of PTFE Insulated Wires & Cables)

An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company

PTFE RF Coaxial Cables

Meerut PTFE Products Pvt. Ltd. manufacture superior quality PTFE RF Coaxial Cable and supplies them at market leading prices. We use best quality raw materials procured from reliable vendors. Our ptfe telon rf coaxial cable offers high mechanical strength and long service life. It is widely appreciated for its multi layer insulation. We offer this in user defined specifications.

PTFE RF Coaxial Cables

PTFE RF Coaxial Cable Supplier in India

The conductor of our Teflon RF Coaxial Cables is sliver plated copper weld steel wire and PTFE insulation.


Brief specifications of Coaxial Cable :

No. of Strand/Dia of each Strand (mm) Type Conductor
Type of Insulation
OD (mm) (max.)
Outer Jacket Material
Impedance Nom (ohms)
Capicitance Nom
Operating Voltage (max.) (Volts RMS)
RG 196 A/U
7/0.10 SCCS
2.00 mm
PTFE 50 95.00 1000
RG 195 A/U
7/0.10 SCCS
3.80 mm
PTFE 95 52.50 1500
RG 188 A/U (RG316)
7/0.17 SCCS
2.75 mm
PTFE 50 95.00 1200
RG 187 A/U (RG 179B)
7/0.10 SCCS
2.75 mm
PTFE 75 65.60 1200
RG 115 A/U
7/0.70 SCCS
10.00 mm
Fibreglass 50 95.00 5000

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